Bonis Audio
Via della Repubblica, 48
02043 Contigliano
Rieti - Italy

Bonis Audio builds analog audio tools for recording musicians, professional recording engineers and hi-end audiophiles.
All our products feature innovative designs and are hand assembled using exclusively top quality components available.
Our philosophy is that audio should be as close as possible to the original sound without noises and colorations.
Given the high quality of our products in the near future will extend the warranty of all products to 5 years.
The customer service will respond to any problem that may arise, also using the email the customer service is always active and guarantees a response within a few hours at anytime.

Test News

Audio Test [Compressor Test]
Files to test your compressor (Outboard or Plugins)

Software News

Software [Sine Auto Pan V0.0.2]
1000 Hz Stereo Sine Wave Auto Pan

Software [S.L.C. V1.2]
Real-Time Sound Level Calibrator

Software [SNRP V 0.5]
Portable Network Radio Player

Software [Digi-Gaps V 0.9]
Real-time audio gaps/peaks detector

Software [BA Player V 2.5]
Wav/Flac/Ogg/Mod Audio Player